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What is a thermal imaging survey and how to get yours absolutely free

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What is Thermal Imaging?

Thermal Imaging is a special type of photography which has many uses. Thermal imaging is where the photographs or videos are made up of heat signatures rather than light. This means that you can see things that would otherwise be hidden and invisible – perfect for highlighting where heat escapes your home! We use thermal imaging cameras to capture thermal photography and help you to understand whether your home could perform better!

Working with the community to reduce our carbon footprint and your energy bills!

At Capital Windows we’re working with our local community using thermal imaging technology to identify homes that may benefit from replacement doors and windows. The costs and savings for energy-efficient glazing will be different for each home and each window, depending on the size and the type of glazing you choose for your home. Double glazing should last for 20 years or more, so it’s a long term investment that will keep you saving money!

All properties lose heat through their windows. But energy-efficient glazing keeps your home warmer and quieter as well as reducing your energy bills. That might mean double glazing or just heavier curtains.

Replacement doors and windows are recognised to be one of the best ways of improving energy efficiency in your home, that will over a lifespan – pay for themselves in energy savings – you’ll enjoy the benefits immediately. To give you an idea, a detached house with A* Rated windows will save up to £175.00 per year*

The benefits of energy-efficient windows

  • Smaller energy bills – yippee!
  • A smaller carbon footprint, which can only be goof for our rain forests
  • A more comfortable home: energy-efficient glazing reduces heat loss through windows and means fewer draughts and cold spots.
  • Peace and quiet: as well as keeping the heat in, energy efficient-windows insulate your home against outside noise.
  • Reduced condensation: energy-efficient glazing reduces condensation build-up on the inside of windows.

Free thermal imaging survey from Capital Windows

Learn about how much heat your home is losing by requesting a free thermal survey from Capital Windows complete our request form and we’ll be in touch, theres no obligation and our best advice as standard.

Source: Capital Windows

*The costs and savings for energy-efficient glazing will be different for each home and each window, depending on the size, age and condition of the property. Figures are supplied as guidance – visit the energy saving trust website for more information.
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